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Alan Mannus WIX.jpeg
Leon Pohls WIX.jpeg

1. Alan Mannus

25. Leon Pohls


Sean Gannon WIX.jpeg
Sean Hoare WIX.jpeg
Roberto Lopes WIX.jpeg
Lee Grace WIX.jpeg

4. Roberto Lopes

2. Sean Gannon

3. Sean Hoare

5. Lee Grace

Sean Kavanagh WIX.jpeg

11. Sean Kavanagh


Dylan Watts WIX.jpeg
Ronan Finn WIX.jpeg
Gary O'Neill WIX.jpeg

7. Dylan Watts

8. Ronan Finn

16. Gary O'Neill

17. Richie Towell 

Neil Farrugia WIX.jpeg
Jack Byrne WIX.jpg
Darragh Nugent WIX.jpeg

23. Neil Farrugia

29. Jack Byrne

Darragh Nugent 


Aaron Greene WIX.jpeg
Graham Burke WIX.jpeg
Rory Gaffney WIX.jpeg
Conan Noonan WIX.jpeg

9. Aaron Greene

10. Graham Burke

20. Rory Gaffney

34. Conan Noonan


Stephen Bradley WIX.jpeg

Stephen Bradley

Thanks to the official Shamrock Rovers FC photographers for allowing the use of these images.

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